Proprietary know-how, technological creativity, artisan finish and attention to the needs of the market are the forces that for over thirty years have been supplying entrepreneurial energy to a company that has become a point of reference in Italy’s “Stainless Steel Valley”, the area around Conegliano that boasts global leadership in the production of domestic appliances, catering equipment and machines.

For two generations, HI-COOK’s quest for excellence has meant a daily commitment to controlling the physics of heat, investing in the development of new cooking materials, and using design to combine performance and functionality, technology and cuisine.

Thanks to recognised specialisation in the production of radiant heating elements, HI-COOK has partnered leading Italian and international companies in the sector, and has acquired all the experience and competence needed to launch a complete and original range of glass ceramic products for professional and home cooking.

Dinamicità commerciale e flessibilità produttiva hanno portato l’azienda a competere ad alti livelli nel vasto mercato della ristorazione, anticipando con proposte innovative le richieste di un mondo come quello del food in fortissima evoluzione in termini gusto, cultura e salute.

HI-COOK. Areas served.

Today, the HI-COOK name appears on components, finished products and custom projects in areas ranging from hotels to cruise liners, from pastry to street food and from cooking to warming. Our solutions are often custom-designed to suit different geographic areas in the world of gastronomy and are dedicated not only to food preparation but to eating as a convivial experience.

All our projects share the same production philosophy of combining advanced technology with an artisan attention to detail. While hob heat distribution is simulated using the latest generation of software, component assembly is still rigorously performed by hand. Even today, no instrument is more effective than the human eye in verifying the incandescence of a heating element. Respect for traditions and preparation for the future are perfectly aligned with our mission to promote food culture through new cooking techniques that ensure safe, healthy and rapid food preparation. In other words:
HEAT FOR FOOD, and passion too.