Professional Glass-ceramic Fry Top

640x670x200 mm - 230V 2500W + 2500W

PFT MODEL. A.G2 – CODE V.11.120

  • Sealed stainless steel structure to prevent infiltration.
  • glass-ceramic
  • High-reliability radiant system.
  • 10 seconds to reach the incandescence.
  • Adjustable temperature from 50 to 400 degrees C.
  • Heating system controlled by energy regulator.
  • Operating light under the glass surfaceceramic.
  • Two complementary cooking systems: for contact and infrared.
  • Great grilling without added fats.
  • Homogeneous thermal distribution favored by the characteristics of glass and resistance.
  • High energy efficiency guaranteed by the particular thermal insulation of resistance.
  • Patented fat harvesting system.
  • Cleaning quick and easy.

Size – Weight

Size (LxPxH): 640x670x200 mm
Cooking area size: 510×450 mm
Glass size: 643×535 mm
Net weight: 14 kg
Feet height: 15-30 mm

Electrical Features

Single-mode voltage: 230 50-60 Hz
Installed power: 2500-2500 watts
Absorption: 10.8/21.7 Ampere
Number of circuits: 2
Adjustment knobs: 2
Adjustment system: Energy regulator
Heating system: Radiation

Made in Italy

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