Food Warmer

229x915x65 mm - 230V 1200W

MODEL FW.02 L/R – CODE V.07.002 L/R

  • It provides an optimal heating cone.
  • It guarantees a food temperature according to HCCP standards.
  • AISI 304 steel structure.
  • Maintenance system for radiation.
  • Heating surface in dark glass.
  • Very high reliability.
  • Homogeneous thermal distribution.
  • Separate LED lighting.
  • Cleaning quick and easy.
  • Model FW.02 L: Commands on the left
  • Model FW.02 R: Commands on the right

Size – Weights

Size (LxPxH): 229x915x65 mm
Led Lighting: 4000 K 6W
Ideal fastening height: 320 mm

Electrical Features

Single-mode voltage: 230 50-60 Hz
Installed power: 1200 watts
Maximum Absorption: 5.2 Ampere
Number of circuits: 1
Power button: 2
Adjustment system: ON/OFF
Heating system: Radiation

Made in Italy

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